Raklet helps you collect as much data as you need on your membership application form. You can also add custom fields for file uploads to get more information from your potential members, these files can be IDs, copy of their employment badge, or even forms with signature.

You can create your membership application form on Raklet and collect applications for any type of membership plan. See how it might look at the end below:

It's really easy to customize your form. Simply go to your Membership Settings page to update page content, form fields, and payment options. You can learn more about customizing your membership application form here.

You can scroll down to the form fields section to view and modify fields that will appear on this form.

Form fields section will let you add as many fields as you like on the application form. You can create a new custom field or select from one of the existing fields.

In order to collect files from your applicant, you can create a new custom field with an Input Type as « file »

When you publish your application form, this field will be available on your form and you can review uploaded file on each application simply by browsing your membership applications page.

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