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How to Approve Applications Manually?
How to Approve Applications Manually?

It's easy to view applications on the Administrator Panel and make the decision to approve applications. Check out our article for more.

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In this example, we'll go with

Go to Membership

Depending on your membership settings, you can choose to approve each application automatically. Go to Membership > Settings > General and be sure that the Auto Approve Applicants option is NOT marked.

In this example, we will approve Katie's application manually. Go to Membership > Applications, find Katie and click View Details.

3. Check the details, generate a member number, and approve.

If the credit card details are not provided, you can see this information here. Then you can reach out to the member and ask them to complete these details so that the application will be updated and you can approve. Or you can delete the application and reach out to them to ask for a re-application with all the information. Once the application is approved manually, the member will receive an activation mail.

Member's Journey

  • After your approval, Katie will receive an activation mail.

  • After the activation, the member can log in to the social network!

  • A digital membership card is also created if a member has a subscription.

  • Members can view all the benefits of their membership plan.

Manually approving new applications and getting paid is that easy with Raklet!

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