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How to Create Your Online Membership Application Form?
How to Create Your Online Membership Application Form?

Your online membership application form allows you to grow your community with just a few clicks!

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All you have to do is decide on the fields in your application form. Here is a short video on creating one:

Go to Membership Settings

Go to the Membership in the admin panel and then click Settings.

Enable Application Form

In order to make your application form visible, the "Enable Application Form" toggle should be enabled.

From the General Settings, you can also decide if you want to auto-approve your applications, enable bank transfers, and update your email notifications for received and approved applications.

Build Application Form

After you adjust the general setting, go to the Application Form. On this page, you can edit your application form details and fields. You can add your terms of use, membership benefits, and agreement.

You can add form fields if you want. We have many system field suggestions, from blood type to maiden name. You can also create your own custom fields if you want to ask specific information.

Once you finish editing, just click "Save and Publish"! Then you can view your application form from the top left button: "View Application Form".

Your potential members will see this application form when they click the “Become Member” button on the login page.

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