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How to Approve Applications Automatically?
How to Approve Applications Automatically?

Once you start your trial, membership pages are automatically published. Share your application page to get new signups.

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In this example, we'll go with

Go to Membership

Depending on your membership settings, you can choose to approve each application automatically. Go to Membership > Settings > General and be sure that the Auto Approve Applicants option is marked.

On the same page, go to Application Form from the left column and enable the credit card form. 

Don’t forget to save your new settings on each page.

Member’s Journey

  • After submitting the application, members make the payment online via credit card form and they can also schedule automated payments.

  • If the payment is successful, the application will be approved automatically and the member will receive an activation mail.

  • If the payment is unsuccessful or the member does not provide a credit card, the application will come under the Applications tab and you'll still need to manually approve it and that's where you can reach out to your member for notification. In this case,

    • You can approve the application, and then reach out to your member and inform them to add a credit card or

    • You can delete the application, and then reach out to your member and inform them to reapply with credit card information.

  • After the activation, the member can log in to the social network!

  • A digital membership card is also created if a member has a subscription.

  • Members can view all the benefits of their membership plan.

Auto-approving new applications and getting paid is that easy with Raklet!

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