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How to Customize Your Application Form for Different Membership Tiers?
How to Customize Your Application Form for Different Membership Tiers?

You can customize your application form for different membership tiers, specially made by our engineering team.

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If your organization has more than one type of member, offering different application forms for each type should be your go-to solution. You may give your users different levels of access by proposing tiered memberships.

If some members are incredibly active on your website, consuming all of your material and your event tickets as soon as they are published, creating a tiered membership plan is exactly what you need!

Depending on which plan you have on Raklet, we are offering you the option to alter the application labels and add specific features to your forms. This way, you can create application forms for every level of membership.

Here are some examples of customized application forms:

International Society of Surgery, which customized their forms with the help of Raklet’s engineering team.

International Water Resources Association, which created customized application forms for its members all over the world.

If you are offering tiered membership, our engineering team is here to help you! Contact us and let us know what you are looking for, and we can make it happen for you.

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