At the event day, it’s very easy to check-in your attendees and to see the success of your event thanks to the Raklet reports. In order to create an event in your Raklet account:

1. Go to Events section in the Administrator Panel and click +Add Event button at the upper right corner.

2. You are on the page where you can decide on the name, content, date, time, visuals and the location of your event before publishing it and starting to accept inscriptions. You can make your event public or members-only and you can choose the bank account that will be used while online ticket sales. After having decided on the details of your event, click Save.

3. In the following page, you will be able to choose if your event will be free or paid. As an alternative, you can make it free for your members and paid for non-members. All you have to do is to Add ticket type and specify it according to your preferences.

4. After having decided on ticket types, Go to Event Details for a preview of your event page. You can publish it immediately or you can go to the event page to see it through the eyes of third parties.

5. On this event page, you will see that your guests will be able to see the location of your event by Google Maps and make their registration by buying tickets. If everything is ok, the only thing you have to do is to publish it.

6. If you want to see your attendee list, go to your event in your administrator panel. The inscriptions will be listed under Payments section.

7. At the event day, you can make check-ins of your attendees through At the door page and update their missing contact info.

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