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How to Check-in Your Members for Events?
How to Check-in Your Members for Events?

The "At The Door" module & QR Code help you check in your participants, update their information, and sell tickets.

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Check-in Manually

1- The first thing you need to do is to go to the Events from your admin panel and choose the event that you want to organize. Then, click on At The Door button on the right side of the page.

2- By clicking on the "At The Door" button indicated in the image above, you can go to the page where you can see everyone the guest list and ticket sales.

3- To check in any guest, you can click on the "Check-in" button indicated in the image above which will take you to that attendee's check-in page where you can view all details.


As you scroll down, you'll see the check-in button where you can also update and add details of the attendee.


4- When you fill in that information (or just leave it empty) and click on "Check-in", your guest will be seen as checked in as below.

And once you go back to the At The Door module, you'll see the attendee as checked in there as well.

Here is a short video on how to use At The Door module on mobile:

Check-in with QR Code

When an attendee registers for an event, they get a ticket that has a QR code on it that looks like the image below:

Also, if the attendee is a member, she/he can see their tickets from the Tickets item under their Profile.

1- Once the event registrants show their QR codes to the admins, admins can use their phone's camera to scan the code. The code will redirect you to the link to your account.

2- You can either go to your mobile app or use your browser to open the link. This will redirect you to the check-in module as seen below if you are already logged in.

You can, again, fill out this information or just leave the other fields empty. Once you click on "Check-in," your member will be checked in.

Get Export of Event Attendees

Once your event is completed, you can run attendance reports that include check-ins. When you go to your event page, you will see the "Export" button. That way, you can download the event attendance report.

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