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Collect RSVPs With a Single Click From Your Emails
Collect RSVPs With a Single Click From Your Emails

Do you want to make RSVP frictionless for your contacts? Let them click on a button in your emails and get them automatically register.

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Sending an update to your contacts is usually the first thing our users do when they publish their events. They simply add links to their event pages and people can easily browse tickets and choose as they wish.

If you're only offering an RSVP option with a free ticket, there's another way to improve this process for your participants.

Send Invitation with Special Tag

Send an event invitation with a special tag, and your members will get registered automatically. This way, you can collect your participants with a single click.

How To Do It?

This URL needs to be in the following format:

<a target="_blank" href="|*EMAIL_ADDRESS*|">RSVP</a>

You need three parameters:

  • eventId

  • eventTicketId

  • email

You can find the event ID and event ticket ID on your admin panel. Simply browse to your event ticket edit page on the admin panel.

Quick RSVP Video

This is a short video on how to create a Quick RSVP option for your e-mails:

As a member, they can simply click on "RSVP Here!" and this way they'll successfully register for the event.

It might sound tedious and too much work for admins but imagine saving time for thousands of registrants with this special trick 💪

Important Things To Know

You can take a look at our article on customizable system emails article if you want to have more information about dynamic email fields, such as |*EMAIL_ADDRESS*|.

1. Unfortunately, it will not work for events with paid tickets because paid tickets require credit card information.

2. Please remember that if this person clicks on the email and has a different email address than the one they registered as a member with previously, the system will save this new email as a new member.

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