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How to Collect Specific Information from Event Participants?
How to Collect Specific Information from Event Participants?

We'll show you how to tag event participants with custom fields and import them into Raklet.

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Let’s say you want to create an event for your community, and you want to learn their meal preferences for the event day. You can simply add a custom field to your event registration form and collect that information. If you want to save this data on their profile, you can simply import it to your Raklet account. We’ll illustrate the steps for you in our article!

Create Event Details

Create your event with details, and add an image to make it more visually appealing. Click "Save" if you have filled out the information correctly.

Add Ticket

You can add a free, paid, or donation ticket. According to your needs, create your ticket.

Edit Event Registration

Once you’ve successfully created your ticket, you can now edit the event registration form by clicking on the “Show Custom Fields” from Review Order Form within the event details.

Custom Field

Click on “Add Custom Field”.

Ask about their meal preferences for this custom field so you won’t have to collect this data for every other event. When you are finished with the details, click on save.

Now your members can select their meal preferences while registering for your event!

Export Meal Preferences

When your sales time has ended, you can export the event data for importing the meal preferences to Raklet again.

Take a look at the details in the CSV, if it looks okay, import this table to your Raklet database.

Go to the Contacts module and next to “Add Contacts” click on the drop-down icon, then click on “Import Contacts”.

Choose your file and only map the “Raklet Id” column and the custom field that you’ve just created, “Meal Preferences”.

If you mapped these two, you can go ahead and click “Save & Continue”.

Now you can see your members' Meal Preferences and you don't need to ask every time!

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