Here is a short video of how to restrict access to event tickets by membership plan and how your event will be seen to that plan:

Step 1. Go to the Admin Panel> Events.

Step 2. Click on “Add Event” and work on the details of your event. Once you are done, click on save.

Step 3. It is time for you to create the tickets, select the ticket type of your choosing.

Step 4. Click on Visibility. From there, you can decide on who can see this event.

Step 5. Choose “Only Plan Subscribers” and click on which membership level you want.

Click on Save and you have successfully restricted access to event tickets.

When your members go to the Events, they’ll see that the tickets are only available for the plan of your choosing. If they are subscribed to that plan, they can register for the event.

When they click on “Print”, they’ll be able to see the details of the event ticket.

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