By sending dept reminder emails regularly, you can easily increase your revenues while getting rid of extra work hours. In order to send these debt reminder emails:

  1. Click Email section in the left column in Admin panel and in the following page, click +Create New Email button.

2. You are in the first step of creating a new email. Select your recipients from the lists section as Members with Debt and write down the subject of your email. Click Design for the next step.

3. In this step where you can create the content of our email, click Add Custom field button and select First name, Last name and Balance. You can write the content of your email and click +Add part section in order to add payment button to your email to give the opportunity to your members to pay with one click.

4. After having organized the parts of your email, click Preview button to see how it looks like. If everything is ok, you can send it directly via clicking Send Now or firstly, you can test it.

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