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How to Get the List of Members in Debt?
How to Get the List of Members in Debt?

You might be wondering if you can get a cohesive list of your members who are in debt. The answer is: yes, you can! Read more to find out.

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You can easily filter your members in the system to continue your communication with your members in or out of debt in this direction.

In your Raklet account, you can separate your Contacts by Membership-Balance filter.

Use Membership-Balance Filter

To see your members in debt, it is enough to choose Membership-Balance ‘smaller than’ 0.

To see your members out of debt, choose Membership-Balance ‘is’ or ‘greater than’ 0.

Tag Filtered Members

Filtered members are listed on the right side of the page. You can tag this list and send bulk e-mails to your recipients afterward.

Alternatively, you can save this filtered list as a segment and use the Segments field to send the bulk emails. Segments allow you to dynamically filter people through categories in the contact database.

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