Do you want to learn the difference between tags and segments and use them more efficiently? Let's take a look at their functions.


If you want to go to a person's profile and include him in a certain group, you should add a tag to that person's profile.

You can create a new tag, or place the person in an existing tag. It is also possible to group people belonging to the same tag by filtering them later.

Here, the most important feature that separates tags from segments is that tags are added to profiles manually and are not dynamic.

It should also be noted that when you import contacts, a tag is automatically created for those imported that day, so it is possible to filter your imported members on a certain day.

You can use the "tags" header in the settings tab to view and manage your tags.


Segments allow you to dynamically filter people through categories in the contact database.

For example, the male segment updates itself every time a new male member joins.

Similarly, you don't need to manually add your members residing in the USA to a category and constantly update them. Segments do this for you.

You can use the "segments" header in the settings tab to view and manage your segments.

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