You know that you can manage your database more efficiently via tags and lists in your Raklet account. You can easily add your members into a tag one by one, but there is a more practical way to do that: importing your contacts en masse.

To import your contacts into a tag, all you need is the membership number of your contacts.

1. Go to your email address at the lower left corner and click Settings. On this page click Tags and select the tag into which you want to import your contacts.

2. On the page related to your tag,  you can add your contacts one by one via Add Member button. In order to import your contacts en masse, click Import button.

3. All you have to do is to copy/past the membership numbers of your contacts in the Member No field and then click Save. 

The system will match the numbers and the related tag.

You can also tag your members that you filter at Contacts section. Here are the details.

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