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How to Create and Manage Segments?
How to Create and Manage Segments?

In Raklet, you can create segments for grouping your contacts. This way, you can address certain groups with one click.

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Find Contacts

First, you need to log in to your Raklet account, and then on the admin panel, go to Contacts.

Choose Filter

Decide how you want to define a selected group of members. Then, filter for that specific definition. For example, filter for “First Name is Lana”.

Save Segment

When you click on done, you’ll see a list of people named Lana. Then, click on Save Segment.

Enter your segment name and click "Save".

You’ve successfully created a new segment! Now, when you add a new contact named Lana, that contact will also go under this segment.

Manage Segments

If you want to manage your segments, go Segments from the Settings. You can go to your contacts that are under your filtered segment group or delete your segments from here.

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