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How to Create and Manage Tags?
How to Create and Manage Tags?

One of the most efficient ways to communicate with your community is to categorize your contacts. Tags will help you in this process.

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Go to the Contacts

On this page, you can list all your contacts in your account. Let’s suppose that you need to tag members who have a Premium Membership plan. All you have to do is to filter them with the Subscriptions field via your filter tool at the top and then click Tag.

Tag These Contacts

You have two options. You can include your filtered contacts into an existing tag or create a new one.

Search for a Contact to Tag

When you want to add a specific member to an existing tag, you have a very practical way to do it. Just write down his/her name in the search box in the upper right corner. You will be oriented to the Fast Access page where you can see the basic data related to your member.

Add Tag

Just click Add Tag in the Tags section and select the related tag from the existing tags list.

View All Tags

If you want to see and edit your tags, you can view the list of all your tags from your Admin Panel > Settings > Tags.

Here, you can see:

  1. The name of the tag (ex. Pokemon Lovers)

  2. Number of Contacts who have this tag (ex. 12)

  3. If members can see (ex. true)

  4. If members can choose (ex. True)

  5. Click on 'See Contacts' to see all people under the Contacts section filtered by that tag.

  6. Import Contacts to that tag by using the Member No or Raklet IDs.

  7. Edit and update the tag's name & functions.

Tag Options: See/Import/Edit

  • See Contacts option leads you to the Contacts page that is filtered by the specific tag.

  • The Import Contacts option allows you to bulk upload contacts to your tag.

  • The Edit option gives you the flexibility to make some updates on your tag:

    • You can rename or delete the tag

    • You can enable/disable members' visibility

    • You can decide if members can add the tag to their profile or not

View Tag Distribution

If you have enabled the 'Can members see' option, your members can see the distribution of tags in a pie chart on your Home Page > Tags.

From here, they can also choose the tag to see who has it. If you see only 2 contacts, although there are 4 contacts under this tag, then the other 2 profiles might be hidden.

Add Tags from the Profile

If you have enabled the 'Can members choose' option, your members can add the tags to their profiles by going to My Profile > Tags > +Add.

They can choose the tag(s) they want to add and Save.

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