As you can see below, we have 9 members with different occupations.

So if we need to send emails to people who have different jobs, what we would do is to “tag” those members with that specific information. We click on a member and click on “Add Tag” at the left bottom corner. In this case, we create a “Singer” tag for Michael Jackson. And click on “Save”.

In this example, we already went on and tagged each person with their occupation.

If we need to send emails not only to one tag but more, we can store members that have different tags under a segment as a way of grouping them.

Let’s assume we want to email not only the singers or the actors but every one of our members that are in Hollywood. We go to our contacts and click on “filter”. Then, on “Tags”.

In the list of all the tags, we choose one that we wish. In this example, let’s first choose “Singer”.

What we will see are all our members that have the tag “Singer”. But we want to add everyone with the tag “Actor” to this list as well. So we go ahead and click on “filter” again.

In the list of all the tags, we choose “Actor”.

We go and click on “and” to turn it into “or”.

What we view here is all the singers + actors on our list. Now, we go and click on “Save Segment”.

We choose “Create a new segment”. In this specific example, we’ll call this segment “Hollywood”. Then, we click on “Save”.

To send an email, we go to the “Email” segment on the main menu on the left. And click on “Create New Email” in the top right corner.

If we want to

  • email one member only, we can select their name under “Contacts”,

  • email the members with a specific tag, we can select the tag under “Tags”,

  • email the members who have 2 or more different tags that we previously gathered under a segment, we can select the segment under “Segments”.

After that, we can simply type down a subject, build our email and send it.

In this example, we used tags according to occupation, but you are free to create your tags and segments however and as many as you’d like.

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