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How to Set Up Membership Plans?
How to Set Up Membership Plans?

Easily create membership plans and add your members to these plans. Read our article below to learn more about it.

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Create a Membership Plan

First, find the Membership section in the left column and click on Plans. After that, click on "Add Plan".


Choose the name of the membership plan. Include a description to explain the membership type. Choose how much this membership will cost.

You can also decide how the payment will be processed. You can set up monthly, yearly, or one-time payments.

You can also choose if the membership type will be visible to the public or not.

Set up Plan Rules

Choose what happens if your subscribers don’t pay their fees: cancel the subscription or let them stay as they are. If you want to cancel the subscription, you can set up a grace period for them.

You can choose to freeze their membership status if they don't pay. They won't have access to the platform until their memberships are re-enabled by an admin.

You can choose to remove the most recent invoice after the cancellation or not.

Add Automated Reminders

It is also possible to determine a specific renewal date.

In addition, you can send automated reminder emails to your members with Raklet Professional and onward.

After you write down the benefits, you can create your first membership plan.

If you check out your application form after creating the plan, you can see your membership plans on the form.

Setting up Different Membership Levels

For setting up different membership levels, you need to repeat the above steps for each membership level.

  1. Create a Membership Plan

  2. Set up Plan Rules

  3. Add Automated Reminders

Tips: If you have members who don’t have a custom membership type in the system, they are not included in the automated debt assignment process. In this case, you can add their debts manually.

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