Step 1

First, you have to create your account. 

Step 2

Check your email address and activate your account.

Step 3

Create a membership plan. First, find Membership section from the left column and click on Setup Membership Plans.


Write the name and description. Decide if payments will be yearly, monthly or only one time. Choose how much is the subscription. You can also decide if subscription is open to anyone or only for your social network members. 

Choose what happens in case your subscribers don’t pay their fees: cancel the subscription or let them stay as they are. If you want to cancel the subscription, you can decide how many days after the due date it will be cancelled.

You can choose to remove the debt after the cancellation or not. It is possible to determine a specific renewal date. And you can send automated reminders to your members before and after this date.

After filling this form, click Save.

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How to add members to membership plans?

Go to Membership > Plans and click Edit.

Step 5

Click Add Member.

Step 6

On this page, use Member List or Tags to add contacts to membership plans in a mass. You can also use Members to choose a member manually.

After you are done, click Save.

How to add subscription from member's profile?

It is also possible to add a membership plan from the member’s profile. To do this, go to Contacts.

In this example, we are updating Jack White’s subscription status. Click on Jack White and go to Membership, then click Add on the subscription section.

Choose the membership type of Jack White, start and end dates, status, etc. When it’s all done, click on Save.

Now Jack can access to his digital membership card from social network and use its benefits.

You can easily create membership plans and import your contacts into these plans just by following these simple steps.

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