With the new year, your membership plan has expired and you need a new plan to update your membership plan for the year. If you want to update the fees and the details, you have to create a new plan. Here is a helpful guide on how to set up membership plans.

Once you’ve created a new plan, you need to bulk update your member’s plan to the new one. We have a help article on updating the member’s plan and starting their subscription. You can update the status of your older members by typing the subscription id with data import.

Here is a short video of importing contacts according to the sheet: https://www.loom.com/share/c71017ebd67e49e399c1e30bdabbc6a5

To update all member profiles in a batch way, you need to:

1. Export all your members with their member numbers only. You shouldn’t add first names, e-mails, etc. The export list will arrive in your inbox.

2. Create another sheet according to this import table. Change the subscription plan name that you want to change on the system. Make sure that the names of the fields should be identical to each other.

3. If one of your members has debt from their old plan, you can create a new column called “Debt” and fill out the exact value they owe. Once you made sure that all the columns are exactly the same as in the system, you are all set.

4. Now you can import your members with the member numbers and the new columns that you’ve created earlier.

If you have completed the steps below, congratulations you have a new plan and you have successfully updated your member’s plan!

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