You can easily bulk import your members in a membership plan to start their subscriptions. All you need is to arrange their subscription information according to this import template. 

While filling out this template, there are some points to pay attention to:

  • You can prefer to import your contacts by their Raklet ID. In this case, you don’t need to fill the “member no” column. Just select Raklet ID or Member No column. 

  • The date format should be as “YYYY-MM-DD’.

  • If you enter subscription end date, the system will not assign the related membership fee to your members after this date. 

For example, if you want your imported members to be included in Standard Membership plan, all you need to do is organise your members' subscription information as in the template.

After that, copy the data from your Excel sheet and paste to the "Import Contacts" page. 

After having uploaded, you can see start/end dates of all subscriptions and their related membership fees assigned by the system. 

Also, it is possible to see each member's subscription data on his/her profile.

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