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General Overview About Membership Section
General Overview About Membership Section

In membership section, you can see your membership plans, the people who have signed up to these plans, their payments and debts.

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As you know, you can import all your contacts into your Raklet account and view them in the Contacts section.  To manage your members who have official ties with your organization, you can use the Membership section. In this article, you can find details about managing this membership part.

In the membership section, you can see your membership plans,  the people who have signed up for these plans, their payments, and debts. Let's take a closer look at each part. 


You may have different membership plans or a unique standard plan. You can create all these plans, periods of membership, and the membership fee for each type of plan.


The Subscriptions part is a page where you can see which member is included in which plan. After having created your plans and added related members to them, you can see all your members on this page.

For example, you can see that a member called John Hemingway has been added to the Standard Subscription Plan on March 1st, 2018.  Also, you can see that the system automatically assigned him the fee for the related plan.


The payments part is a place where you can view every payment made by your members, whether they are included in a plan or not. The payments made through Raklet will be added automatically here. Also, you can add and keep a record of non-Raklet payments (cash, credit card, or other transactions) and their receipt numbers.


In the Debts section, you can see all the debts assigned to your members from the past to the present. You can think of this page as a chronological table of the assigned debts. It is independent of the payments. This means that even if your members pay their debts, you can still view the related debts here.

Scheduled  Payments

When your members click on the payment button in your debt reminder emails, they will see the ‘’I want to save my credit card’’ option on the payment page. By choosing this option, they can give regular payment instructions. In this case, the next membership fee will be automatically withdrawn from their credit card.

In this scheduled payments section, you can view who has given this automatic payment instruction and when the next withdrawal will be.

New applications

In the new applications section, you can view everyone who has applied for membership through your application form. You can control and approve the applications. Adding a member to a plan is possible while approving his or her application as well. You can read more details about accepting new applications.


In this part, you can create your application form as you wish.

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