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Sending Emails to Your Contacts with the Message Module
Sending Emails to Your Contacts with the Message Module

You can create an efficient communication channel with your contacts by sending e-mails to your community.

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Warning: If you do not see the Message Module section on your platform, it means you are using the old version of the platform. You need to check the Sending Emails to Your Contacts article.

In line with the categories in your account, you can send bulk, individual, customized, or standard emails.

In order to use this feature, don't forget to activate the Send Message feature on the screen that appears when creating an account!

If you forgot, you can activate it from the App Store section in your admin panel.

Message Module

The first thing you need to do is go to the Message section from the Admin panel. Here, you will see the type of message you want to send.

Choose Your Message Type

You can proceed by choosing one of the options, such as Email, SMS, Post, Chat, or Mobile Push. In this part, you need to continue by selecting Email.

Email Creation Section

First, you need to choose from which address you want to send the email, and you need to add an email subject. Then you can continue to the next step by clicking the Save and Continue bar.

Selection of Contacts

In the second step, you can choose who to send this email to. You can also send an email to a single person or a group of people from the Add Filter section.

Email Content

This is the section where you will create the email content. We have added a number of features for you to determine the style of the email you will send.

You can customize your messages by adding things like Title, Text, Button, or Image from the left side.

Also, with the Payment Button, you can send renewal or reminder emails and receive payments.

If there is a template you have created before, you can select it and apply it from the right side. If not, you can see how to create an email template in the help center article.

If not, you can change many features of your email, such as the sizes, colors, distances from each other, and background color of the page, and customize it according to your own organization.

Review and Send

You can test it by sending yourself the email you created in the Test It section. So you can see if everything is fine and whether the buttons are working.

If you do not want to test or if you see that everything is fine after testing, you can send the email by clicking Send Email in the Good to Go section.


  • You can save these emails and edit or delete them from the Draft section.

  • You can also create a new email from the same email by duplicating it.

You can do this in the Sent Section or Draft Section.

From Sent Section; you have to choose “Replicate”

From Draft Section; you need to go to the Editor Section and choose “Duplicate”

  • To see the emails you have sent, go to the Sent section at the top. By clicking on the Details bar, you can see every action taken in your email.

  • In the details, you can see things like Sent, Opened, Clicked, or Error. Also, at the bottom of the page, you will see areas like Preview, Recipients, Errors, and Email Actions. From these sections, you can find out who clicked on the links and when, as well as who opened them and when.

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