Now, it is possible to create customized URL's of your application form to autofill some of the fields when clicked on. This way you can make the application process faster.

Here's how to customize your application form URL step by step.

Step 1

Open your application form. Click right and choose "inspect" from the menu it will open.

how to inspect

Step 2

After that, click on the inspect button on the inpection sidebar. It is the button on the upper right corner. Once you do that, you can click on the field you want to prefill and it will highlight itself on the sidebar.

You will need the "name" attribute on this side bar. Copy it, paste it to the URL on the search bar. You can choose the information you want to fill in this field and put it right next to the name attribute after "=" symbol.

Example:[email protected]&attributes.firstName=RAKLET

how to inspect

You can repeat the second step with every field you want to prefill. The form will complete these fields with the same information you put on the Profile everytime someone clicks on it.

If you want to prefill a dropdown field, you can follow the same steps but instead of putting the plan name after "=", you need to put the value of this field. You can see the image below as an example:

how to find value

Here's an example URL and how it looks like on the form. You can also see it by clicking on it yourself.

"[email protected]&attributes.firstName=RAKLET&attributes.lastName=HELPCENTER&customMemberTypeId=a103d33e-c5d8-4c64-a659-d52698af6883"

prefilled application form

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