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How to Integrate Raklet With Your Website?
How to Integrate Raklet With Your Website?

If you already have a website, you can easily integrate your Raklet account with it. Do you want to learn how? Check out our article.

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Create a Link or Button with HTML

The easiest way to integrate Raklet into your website is to put a link or a button on your website.

Regardless of which platform you created your website on, you can easily edit HTML. Here's a screenshot from WordPress:

Here is the code you will use for creating the button.


<a href="">Login</a>
<a href="">Signup</a>


<form action="">
<button type="submit">Login</button>

You can give the button any name you want. We used the link of our demo account as an example in the code section, you can complete the process by typing your own permalink instead of "demo".


You don't have to create a button; if you want, you can just add your link!

Use your custom domain

If you already have your own custom domain, you can use it in Premium plans.

We have a very detailed help center article on this topic. Check out our article on Custom Domain Setup

Customize your Raklet account with CSS & JS

You can easily customize your account with Custom CSS on Settings > Custom CSS page.

For details, read our article on this topic.

You can be inspired by our customers who have made their Raklet pages compatible with their websites during integration with customizations.


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