Once you create your account on Raklet, you'll get a standard look and feel. This was intentionally left clean and clear. It's up to you to change this or not.

You can easily customize your account. Changing button or header background colors, choosing your own font, etc. can be done with adding couple of lines of CSS. You can add your Custom CSS on Settings > Custom CSS page.

You can also add interactions or create additional functionality, such as updating your navigation, adding new links or creating new popups with using Custom Javascript.

Raklet frontend uses jQuery and Bootstrap 4, so you can leverage these technologies.

Custom Javascript can be added by our engineering team, so let us know and we'll activate it for you as soon as possible. (This feature will be available soon)

You can see some examples of customized Raklet platforms below:

CSS - for a personalized look and feel, updated header, button colors, custom fonts, ...

JS - for added interactions (show/hide field, update navigation, ... )

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