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How to Add Join/Login Buttons to Your Website?
How to Add Join/Login Buttons to Your Website?

Raklet helps you to integrate your account with your WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or any website.

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Raklet provides you with a public-facing front end when you create an account but if you are using it as a member space as an addition to your current website, some integrations may be needed. You can connect your existing website with Raklet. Here's how:

Custom Domain Name

The first thing you need is a custom domain name. You can visit our article on how to get a custom domain name.

Create Buttons

After you set up your custom domain name, you need to go to your website and create buttons for login or the application form depending on how you want to proceed. You will be linking for logging in and for the application form.

So when people click on these buttons, they will be directed to the Raklet member portal you have.

If a person is logged in once, they won't have to log in every time they click on the button. The system will directly lead them to the Raklet portal after the first login until they log out again.

The same method can be used for all websites.

Interested in more integrations? Visit our integrations page to see 3000 apps Raklet connects with or visit our pricing page to discover what else Premium plans have to offer.

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