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How to Use Custom Fonts in Your Account?
How to Use Custom Fonts in Your Account?

How to use custom fonts in your account? How to Customize your account with CSS? Can you use custom fonts in Raklet?

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Once you create your account, you can customize pretty much everything by using CSS and JS.

Adding custom fonts to your website is really easy with the following steps, but another option for Custom Fonts is to change them in the Branding section. With this new feature, you can change fonts effortlessly. Check out the How to Change Your Branding for Your Organization? article to learn how.

However, if you want to change it with CSS and JS, here are the steps:

Custom CSS

Go to the settings page from your admin panel and click the "Custom CSS" button.

Import Font Type

Import the font type you want to use on the page and save. For example:

@import url(';600;800&display=swap');

body {
font-family: 'Martel', serif;
background-color: #363652;

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