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Custom Email Sender Setup
Custom Email Sender Setup

If you're wondering how to change the sender's email address on Raklet, it's a very quick & easy process.

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Warning: If you see the Message Module section on your platform, it means that you are using the new version of the platform. You need to check the Custom Message Module Sender Setup article.

If you want to switch to the new platform, you can look at the How to Switch from the Email Module to the Messages Module article.

The Custom Email Sender feature is only available to Premium plans.

Do you want to send your emails to your customers with your own sender email address? You can configure it easily with Raklet!

Save Your Sender Email Address

Firstly you should go to the Email Settings page and then reach the sender profile edit page. If you don't have a sender profile yet, create a new one.

On the sender profile edit page, type your custom sender email address into the From Address field and click the Save button:

Verify Your Sender's Email Address

After saving the sender's email address, you need to verify it. Raklet uses Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) as the email service provider. When you save a sender email address, Amazon will automatically send you a verification email that has a subject like "Amazon Web Services – Email Address Verification Request in region US West (Oregon)".To verify this email address, open the verification email from [email protected] and select the verification link. Learn more

Congratulations, you are all set!

Once you successfully verify your email address and land on the page below, you can now start sending emails from this address.

Verify Your Email from Domain

We recommend using custom mail from domain to reduce the chances of your emails falling into spam.

You will receive an e-mail and we expect you to enter your dns information in this mail. After entering the dns records, it will be automatically approved within 2 hours.

Example for [email protected]

Type : MX
Priority: 10
Type : TXT
Value : "v=spf1 ~all"

You can add these records at your DNS provider website.

If you want to learn more, you can read Using a custom MAIL FROM domain with AWS SES.

Setting it up yourself

If you are familiar with creating DNS records, this step should be easy for you. Just add the CNAME records needed.

Each domain name provider's control panel is unique to its own. So you should know how to add a DNS record on your domain name provider's website. You can find wiki pages of some domain name providers that explain how to add a CNAME record below:

Setting up with your domain name provider's assistance

Contact your domain name provider directly and ask for their assistance with the setup.

Don't know who your domain name provider is? Click here then enter your domain name in the field and click the Search button. Within the search results – or further down in the raw details – look for the name of your domain name provider in the Registrar field.

Use the following email template – just copy and paste it, and adjust as required.

Please assist me with my domain name setup <MYDOMAIN.COM>
by adding the following DNS record to it:

Name: <Name-1>
Value: <Value-1>

Name: <Name-2>
Value: <Value-2>

Name: <Name-3>
Value: <Value-3>

Within your email, you should replace <MYDOMAIN.COM> with your email domain and CNAME name values with the correct values which exist on the Sender Profile Edit page. With some domain registrars, the name is not required.


You've completed all the steps for custom email sender configuration. Note that verification of these settings may take up to 72 hours.

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