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How to Add Contacts to Your Raklet Account?
How to Add Contacts to Your Raklet Account?

You can add your contacts including members, donors, volunteers, or the people with whom you are communicating to your Raklet account.

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Add New Contact

To add a new contact to your Raklet account, click Add Contacts at the upper right corner and click Person. You can choose Company as well to add a corporate member or Import Contacts for adding members en masse.

After having added the basic data like first name, last name, and email address related to your member, click Save.

Update Details of Your New Contact

Your member is created. Now you can go to your contact's record and enter more detailed information on his/her profile page from the Details section.

You can also go to the Membership section and update the member's membership type and date and you can also add a subscription plan to your member from here.

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