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How to Update a Member’s Profile?
How to Update a Member’s Profile?

There is a lot of information you can add to a member's profile. Read more to find out everything Raklet offers!

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One of the coolest facts about Raklet is, it allows you to keep your database up-to-date and clean. Your members can update their own profiles. As an administrator, you can include profile information when you add a user or update a user's profile.

Go to Contacts

1. It is possible to view all your connections in the Contact section. We have two options for selecting a member’s profile for update operations. The first one is to write her/his name or surname in the search box on the right top of the screen. So you can see more information about them in the quick access toolbar.

Choose the Member

2. On this page, when you choose your related member, you can easily enter the details of his/her payment and debt and upgrade his/her profile.

Add/Edit Profile Details

3. For a more detailed upgrade, click "edit". If you have something new to add, then click add!

4. After adding the details, you can upload a profile photo by clicking on the image frame on the left.

If you have not added a profile photo previously, you'll click on the empty frame; otherwise, if there is one already, you can still follow the same step.

5. Then, upload your photo to your profile and crop it.

6. After cropping your photo according to your wishes. Now, all you have to do is save your photo!

7.  On the Contact page, you can add a member’s phone number, email, etc. 

8. On the Profile page, you can easily add a related member’s name, surname, gender, birth date, marital status, work experience, and more!

Update Custom Fields

9. In the Custom Fields section, you can reach your members’ particular data for your company. You can specify custom fields while importing contacts.

Check Membership Section

10. In Membership, you can enter membership data such as membership type, status, etc. In case of resignation, you can update your member’s profile on this page. Also you can check subscriptions, payments and invoices from this section.

Check Donations Section

11. In Donations, you can see your member’s donation history, when, and which campaign she/he donated. 

Update Settings

12. Another tool that you are going to use while managing your members’ data is "Settings". You can easily choose the language if you want your member’s data to be visible to other members or not. Also, members can change this setting on their own.

Update Roles

13. In Roles, you can assign one of your members as a manager and transfer him/her to the administrator panel.

Add Notes&Files

14. You can take notes or add files to them to get to know your member better! All you have to do is click Notes/Files.

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