Your members, donors, volunteers or anyone with whom your organization has ties. You can import all your contacts to your Raklet account and manage your community. Of course, you can add your contacts one by one, but there is a more practical way to do.

  1. Notification center in your Raklet account will guide you along the way. Click your email address in the lower left corner and click Notifications. You will be oriented to the page where you can see the steps for the activation of your Raklet account. Click Import to upload your contacts.

2. You will be oriented to the page where you can choose your import method. You can import from file or prefer to copy/paste your contact list. If you have custom fields, the copy/paste method can be more accurate. Choose your method and click Continue.

3. All you have to do is to copy/ paste your Excel list in this field. There are a few tricks at this point like choosing the names of the columns too while copying your data in your Excel file ( First name, Last name…). And also your country data must be like US, FR, TR…

You can find the data import template here. If you arrange first your existant data according to this template, your import will be more accurate.

4. After having clicked the Upload button you will be oriented to the page where you can name your columns. You can select your column names among the existing fields or create a new custom field if you have a data special to your organization.

5. After having named all the columns, click Save & Continue. All your data will be imported to your Raklet account. You can update the data in the profile of your contacts whenever you want.

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