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How to Create Pages on Raklet and Use It as Your Content Management System (CMS)?
How to Create Pages on Raklet and Use It as Your Content Management System (CMS)?

Create pages to promote your content. Customize as you wish and publish easily.

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Go to Pages

First of all, you need to log into your account, and then go to the Social Network tab on the left of the page. After that, click "Pages" on the upper left.

Create Page

After you’re in the Pages section, you can easily click "Create Page", to start creating your new page. It's that easy!

Choose Title

You can add your title, and it’ll automatically generate the page URL for you. So, it would be wise to choose something that would bring more organic traffic to your page from search engines. Make sure you title your page wisely.

Add Content

You can update the content with our rich text editor or use custom HTML. You can add images, embed videos, or use any other type of rich media. It's up to you to customize it however you want.

Update Visibility & Status

After completing everything, you can decide on page visibility (public, members only, or limited to specific membership plans) and publish your page by changing the status from Draft to Published.

Once published, you can use the link to your page for review. If you want to share your page with your members or visitors, you can either share the link via email/SMS or post or you can add the link of your page to your navigation menu.

Raklet was built with Bootstrap 4, so you can use any of the themes that you like, or you can simply use a page builder for Bootstrap 4 online. Here are some recommendations:

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