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How to Use Maps Integration?
How to Use Maps Integration?

You can create many maps and show your contacts on maps, and you can add your created maps to the pages you want.

Updated over a week ago

Maps feature is only available to Premium plans.

1. Activate the Map

First, you have to activate the map app from the Raklet app store.

2. Create Google Key

We need a Google geolocation key to show people on maps. You can create a key from this link.

3. Add the Key to Map

You must add the key you have acquired to the maps application. This key will be used to detect location information from your contacts' addresses. The visibility of your contacts should not be hidden.

After entering this key, you can contact us to set the location information of all your contacts.

4. Create the Map

Now it's time to create the map. To create a map, you must go to the Social Network > Maps page.

From here you can create a new map. Give the map a name and you can change the zoom information if needed. Then you have to choose a filter for the people you want to appear on the map.

Congratulations, you have created a new map. Copy the code starting with <rakletmap id= to use the generated map on the page.

5. Position the Map

Then go to Social Network > Pages. Select the page you want to position the map on.

Open the page source code and paste the code we copied for the map into the correct location and then save the page. That's it.

You can check out this page to see how your map will look once created.

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