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How to Use Media Gallery?
How to Use Media Gallery?

Media Gallery is where you can manage your images all in one place. The images added to your pages/posts will also appear in Media Gallery.

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From the Admin Panel, go to Social Network and then Posts or Pages.

Create New Post

  • If you are on Posts, click on New Post.

Browse/Insert an Image

  • You can click on Browse from the Image section or Insert Image button from the Content section.

Multiple Media

If you want to add more than one image, all you have to do is go to the attachments section and add your images from your device or media gallery.

Create Page

  • If you are on Pages, click on Create Page button.

Insert an Image

  • You can click on the Insert Image button from the Content section.

  • Select or Upload Image: You can either choose from the media gallery or drag & drop your files from your computer.

Select from Media Gallery

  • You can select previously added images directly from your Media Gallery and add them to your pages and posts.

Update Images

  • You can edit/update your media details. Media details include the title, alt text (for images), and metadata (like type and upload date) of the media file.

  • To edit these details, in the Media Gallery, click on the media file you want to edit, make changes, and click Update.

  • You can also remove the images from Delete.

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