You can add, delete menu items and change their order on your navigation. You can edit your navigation on Raklet Admin Panel. Click your profile picture on bottom-left side of the screen and click "Settings". On settings page, there is a tab named "Navigation". You can edit both of your social and mobile app navigations here.

You can change your menu items' order by simply drag&drop them. You can also relocate your sub-menu items from one menu item to another one.

To add a new menu item, click on "Add New Menu" button. The new menu item will be added to the head of the navigation with default values. you can click on a menu item to edit its icon, label, url or page. Also you can delete an item on the edit modal.

Please remember that you should click on "Save" button to save all your changes. Otherwise your changes will be lost.

You can also add sub-menu items to your menu items. Click on "Add Sub Menu" button and a default sub-menu item will be added to the specified main menu item's sub-menu list.

When you open the navigation edit page, social navigation will be shown by default. To change your mobile navigation, use "Show Mobile Navigation" switch.

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