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How to Manage Push Notifications in Raklet
How to Manage Push Notifications in Raklet

Raklet's new push notification feature allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest news and information from Raklet.

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You can choose to receive notifications about new deals, upcoming events, and more. You can also choose to turn off notifications for certain types of messages.

Go to Notifications Center

To manage your push notifications, you can follow these steps:

Go to the Settings page in the Raklet app or website, and then tap on Notifications.


Here you will see three different tabs: Email, In-App, and Mobile. You don't have to turn them all on or off. You can choose each of them individually.

Next, you can see which notifications you can turn on or off.

For example, you can turn off notifications of likes on your posts in your email and keep them on for In-App and Mobile.

Boards Notifications

You can also control your board notifications from here.

If you have a board you subscribe to, you can turn notifications on and off, both In-App and Mobile and choose how often you want to receive them.

Or you can choose to subscribe to a board as you see it at the top and not receive any notifications.

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