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How to Manage the Visibility on the Social Network?
How to Manage the Visibility on the Social Network?

In the social network feature of Raklet, members and admins can change their visibility and whether they wish to receive messages.

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The areas that appear on the profile of the people on the social network do not have to be visible to everyone, it is possible to edit the visibility from the settings.

You may not want your members' information to be visible to everyone as an admin. Similarly, some of your members may not want other members to see their personal information. Admins from the admin panel and members from the profile settings can both change the visibility of contact information in member profiles.

How Do Admins Set Visibility for Members?

Find Contact

Find your contact and go to their contact card by clicking on their name. Then, in the upper right, click the "Settings" tab.

Update Profile Visibility

  • You will see the visibility settings on the page that appears on the screen, where you can activate what you want to appear and hide what you do not want.

  • You can choose if the profile will be visible to members only or public or hidden in general.

  • You can also enable or deactivate the private message feature from this page, under Messaging.

How Do Members Set Their Own Visibility?

My Profile

From the upper-right corner, members can click on their profile picture to go to their Profile and click on Edit.

Update Profile Visibility

Members can choose the Profile tab to update their general visibility on the social side.

Update Notifications

Members can also update Messaging and notifications settings from the Notification tab.

  • They can enable direct messages within the platform.

  • They can decide if they want to receive SMS or emails.

  • From Notifications, they can also update their notification and board settings.

Update Privacy

Last but not least, members can go to the Privacy tab to update the sections they want to show and hide.

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