The areas that appear on the profile of the people on the social network do not have to be visible to everyone, it is possible to edit the visibility from the settings.

You may not want your members' information to be visible to everyone as an admin. Similarly, some of your members may not want other members to see their personal information. Admins from the admin panel and members from the profile settings can both change the visibility of contact information in member profiles.

How does the admin set the visibility of a member's profile information?

1. In the contacts section, detect the member whose information you want to conceal and click on their name. Then, in the upper right, click the "settings" tab.

2. You will see the visibility settings on the page that appears on the screen, where you can activate what you want to appear and hide what you do not want.

3. You can also enable or deactivate the private message feature from this page. (please scroll down)

How does a member keep their personal information hidden from other members?

1. Go to the settings in your profile.

2. When you scroll down the screen, you will see the visibility section, you can adjust from here.

3. You can also edit your private message/email/SMS preferences from here.

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