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How to Manage the Accessibility of Your Raklet Social Network?
How to Manage the Accessibility of Your Raklet Social Network?

This article gives you information about the accessibility settings of Raklet's social network feature.

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The Functionality of Social Network

Your members can update their profiles, pay their membership fees, follow your announcements or donation campaigns, and communicate with other members of your community. The Social Network panel of your Raklet account allows all of these functions.

Managing Social Network

You have the possibility to manage this Social Network and define your criteria. Here are some tricks to keep in mind in this process.

Who can access your social network panel?

All your contacts approved by you as “active members” (individual, corporate, or corporate sub-members), and the managers of your organization can log in to the platform and access the social network panel. 

Your public donors, your non-member event participants, and your potential members cannot access here as they are not approved as a member of your community.

Encourage your visitors to become a member

You can create an access message for your visitors via Social Network > Settings > Access. This message can be for your members and also for your specific subscribers like Premium Members.

An access message looks like this:

How can you enable content for your visitors?

You may want a group of your non-member contacts can log in to the social network but stay out of the membership fee assignment process. All you have to do is define a custom membership type for them and state the membership fee as “0”.

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