One powerful feature that we’ve built into your membership management platform at Raklet is discussion boards. Discussion boards are one of the most popular ways people interact and engage online. By adding it to your membership software, you provide a space for your members to interact.

On Raklet, you can create and customize boards however you wish. You can decide who can see the board, post or comment on it, and many other options.

How to create and manage discussion boards on Raklet.

  1. Go to your admin panel and click Social Network on the menu. Click Boards at the top of the page.

2. Click the New Boards button.

3. Name your board, then add an image and description. You can choose who can see the board, making it public or restricting it to your members.

4. You can also choose who can post to the board and comment on posts. You can choose between managers only, board subscribers only, or all members.

5. Raklet also allows you to control the kinds of posts and comments that get sent to the board. You can require that all new posts or comments be approved before they are posted.

Start building discussion boards and forums on your membership platform with Raklet today!

Once your board is created, you can start adding posts to it.

To start creating posts:

6. Open your board and click the New Post button.

7. Add your cover image, title, and content. You can also add attachments to the post that your readers can download. You can then add the post to whichever board you like with the categories you want. You can even add the post to multiple boards.

8. You set the post to be visible to the public or only your members and even restrict access to certain specific membership plans. You can also change the post’s status. Choose between draft, published, pending, declined, reported, or removed.

How to Turn On Notifications For Discussion Boards?

With our most recent update, you can subscribe to a board and get email notifications on a schedule you choose for the latest changes.

All you need to do is go to the board you want to subscribe to and hit the "subscribe" button.

Following that, you can select the schedule for receiving email notifications.

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