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How to Create Courses on Raklet?
How to Create Courses on Raklet?

Besides organizations, businesses also use Raklet!

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Whether you are an organization, a business, or an association, you can offer course options to your members.

You have different options to build your courses with Raklet. Opening an online or in-person course on the Raklet platform is so simple.

1. Create Courses with Event Module

First, you log in to your Raklet account and continue with the Event module.

Then you click on the Add Event button on the event creation page.

Update Course Details

Here you can fill in the information about the course that you want to offer to your members. You can include the title and description of the course, dates, venue details if it is in-person, and an attendance link if it is virtual.

For example, you can decide whether it will be paid or not.

Is this a members-only course or will it be available to everyone? The choice is entirely yours.

Choose Your Course Type

After entering the information you want, you must choose the event type depending on your course type, you can add venue details for your in-person course or add a link to your virtual course.

Save and Ready to Go

After completing all the options, click Save.

After clicking Save, the system will send you to the Add Ticket section.

You can create a Free/Paid/Donation Ticket.

To learn how to add tickets, please visit the article How to Create Different Event Ticket Types?

2. Create Courses with Social Network Module

Another option to create a course is to use the Boards function under Social Network.

First of all, you should come to the Boards from Social Network and click on the New Board button.

Include the name, and description of your course and update the visibility settings.

After you create the board, you can start creating posts within the board. You can create posts and you can add written content or embed links from Vimeo or YouTube. You can also attach files to your posts.

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