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Customization Options with Raklet
Customization Options with Raklet

Customization is possible in Raklet, let's see how to do it!

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At Raklet, we understand that every organization is unique and that one size does not fit all.

That's why we offer a range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the platform to your specific needs and preferences.

Custom CSS/JS

With Raklet's Custom CSS/JS feature, you have the power to modify the look and feel of your platform.

Whether it's adjusting colors, fonts, or layout, you can create a more personalized and branded experience for your members.

By accessing the platform's Custom CSS/JS editor, you can easily add your own custom code to override or extend the default styles and functionalities.

Also, you can check out the Custom CSS/JS article.

API Integration

For those seeking deeper integrations with other tools and services, Raklet offers a robust API.

The API allows developers to connect Raklet with third-party applications, automate tasks, and create members and custom workflows.

By leveraging the API, you can streamline processes, enhance data synchronization, and unlock even more potential from your Raklet platform.

Integrations with Zapier

To further expand Raklet's capabilities, we've integrated with Zapier, a powerful automation platform.

Zapier enables you to integrate Raklet with over 2,000 apps, automating repetitive tasks and data transfers between different applications.

By utilizing Raklet's Zapier integrations, you can save time, reduce manual work, and create seamless workflows across your tech stack.

Custom Branded Mobile App

Raklet offers the option to create custom-branded mobile apps for your organization with an extra charge.

These mobile apps are tailored to your brand's identity, color, name, and logo. Your members can easily access your community with a branded app.

With custom-branded mobile apps, you can provide a cohesive and consistent experience across various devices, reinforcing your organization's presence and engagement.

Please note that this branded mobile app is on top of Professional or Premium plans.

Getting Started with Customization

We've got you covered if you're interested in customizing your Raklet platform. Here is how you can start the process:

  • Trello Board: If you have more than one customization request, after the discovery call, we can create a Trello board specifically for you. In the Trello board, you can submit your ideas, requirements, and preferences.

Our team will review your requests and work with you to implement the changes that align with your needs.

Contact us if you need more help or have special customization needs. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.

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