API Documentation: https://api.raklet.com/swagger/ui/index/

  1. You need to get an access_token with an admin profile.

  2. After that, you need to add your organization ID in Value box. You can find your organization ID from admin settings.

    3. Insert your access_token in authorization value.

    4. Once you complete these steps, you'll be able to add your new contact.

    Sample Data & Required Fields:


    "emailAddress": "[email protected]", (required)

    "firstName": "Berat", (required)

    "lastName": "Çarşı", (required)

    "language": "tr", (required) ("en","tr","fr","it","sl","de","da","es","pt","pl","sv","nl","no","bg","cs","el","et","hi","fi","ga","lb","lt","lv","ml","ro","sk","ja","ar","ru","zh")

    "maidenName": null,

    "memberNo": null,

    "membershipDateUnix": 1563535621, (unix date format, bknz: https://www.epochconverter.com/)

    "decisionNumber": null,

    "decisionDateUnix": null,

    "title": null,

    "gender": "NoEntry", ENUM ("NoEntry","Male","Female") bknz: SelectList API

    "bloodType": "NoEntry", ENUM ("NoEntry","RhNegative0","RhPositive0","RhNegativeA","RhPositiveA","RhNegativeB","RhPositiveB","RhNegativeAB","RhPositiveAB")

    "birthDateUnix": null,

    "birthPlace": null,

    "nationalId": null,

    "maritalStatus": "NoEntry", ENUM ("NoEntry","Single","Married")

    "marriageDateUnix": null,

    "isWorkShared": false,

    "isEducationShared": false,

    "isMessagingEnabled": false,

    "isProfileVisible": false,

    "isLookingForAJob": false,

    "lookingForAJobType": "All", ENUM ("All","FullTime","PartTime","Intern","FreeLance")

    "lookingJobDescription": null,

    "phoneCountryCode": null,

    "phoneNumber": null,

    "phoneIsMobile": false,

    "isTermsOfUseAccepted": true,

    "isTermsOfUse2Accepted": true


    Some ENUM fields you can see SelectList API

    Sample Success Request & Response

    Why am I getting an error with code 400?

    • It is probably because you didn't notice boolean fields. For example "isTermsOfUseAccepted" is a boolean field and data here should be "true" or "false" rather than "yes" or "no".

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