API Documentation: https://api.raklet.com/swagger/ui/index/

  1. You need to get an access_token(https://api.raklet.com/token) with an admin profile.

  2. After that, you need to add your organization ID in Value box. You can find your organization ID from admin settings.

    3. Insert your access_token in authorization value.

    4. Once you complete these steps, you'll be able to add your new contact.

    Sample Data & Required Fields:


    "emailAddress": "[email protected]", (required)

    "firstName": "Berat", (required)

    "lastName": "Çarşı", (required)

    "language": "tr", (required) ("en","tr","fr","it","sl","de","da","es","pt","pl","sv","nl","no","bg","cs","el","et","hi","fi","ga","lb","lt","lv","ml","ro","sk","ja","ar","ru","zh")

    "maidenName": null,

    "memberNo": null,

    "membershipDateUnix": 1563535621, (unix date format, bknz: https://www.epochconverter.com/)

    "decisionNumber": null,

    "decisionDateUnix": null,

    "title": null,

    "gender": "NoEntry", ENUM ("NoEntry","Male","Female") bknz: SelectList API

    "bloodType": "NoEntry", ENUM ("NoEntry","RhNegative0","RhPositive0","RhNegativeA","RhPositiveA","RhNegativeB","RhPositiveB","RhNegativeAB","RhPositiveAB")

    "birthDateUnix": null,

    "birthPlace": null,

    "nationalId": null,

    "maritalStatus": "NoEntry", ENUM ("NoEntry","Single","Married")

    "marriageDateUnix": null,

    "isWorkShared": false,

    "isEducationShared": false,

    "isMessagingEnabled": false,

    "isProfileVisible": false,

    "isLookingForAJob": false,

    "lookingForAJobType": "All", ENUM ("All","FullTime","PartTime","Intern","FreeLance")

    "lookingJobDescription": null,

    "phoneCountryCode": null,

    "phoneNumber": null,

    "phoneIsMobile": false,

    "isTermsOfUseAccepted": true,

    "isTermsOfUse2Accepted": true


    Some ENUM fields you can see SelectList API

    Sample Success Request & Response

    Why am I getting an error with code 400?

    • It is probably because you didn't notice boolean fields. For example "isTermsOfUseAccepted" is a boolean field and data here should be "true" or "false" rather than "yes" or "no".

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