1. Go to Contacts on your admin navigation panel. Click on Add Contacts on the upper right corner, and then Import Contacts.

2. You will be oriented to the page where you can choose your import method. You can import from file or prefer to copy/paste your contact list. Choose your method and click Continue.

3. All you have to do is to copy/ paste your Excel list in this field.

Points to be considered

1- RakletId: You can learn RakletId from the person profile url or by exporting the contacts.


2- Member No: You can learn the Member No from the contact profile or by exporting the contacts.

3- BoardId: You can find the BoardId from its url by selecting it from the board list on the https://admin.raklet.com/ng#/manager/social/boards/ page.

4- NotificationPeriod: You must choose how often to receive e-mails. When you do not provide the Notification Period information, it starts a weekly subscription by default.

None: 0

Weekly: 1

Daily: 2

Import with RakletId

Import with Member No

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