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How to Delete Your Raklet Account?
How to Delete Your Raklet Account?

It’s okay if we’re not meant to be. If you need to end things with your Raklet account, here’s how you can delete it all and move on.

Updated over a week ago

We are very sad to see you go! We'd appreciate it if you give us feedback first, so we can solve whatever problem you may be having. We are here to support you and your organization! But if you still want to go, here's what follows.


  1. Login to the your admin panel

  2. Go to Settings and Choose "Delete My Account"

  3. Follow the instructions

Please mind that this action cannot be undone. If you are not sure about deleting your account, you can keep it on the Free Plan and come back when you are ready. Free plans are free forever!

We will delete all company data we have about you subject to applicable data protection law.

We will mark your account as deleted within one (1) day of receiving your deletion request. After this time, your account will no longer be visible and no one will be able to see your account. You have one (1) month to cancel the complete deletion of your account. Once the deletion is complete, the deletion cannot be undone.

Before you proceed:
This action is permanent and cannot be undone. It will remove your company data including but not limited to username and password, contact and payment information, and platform use/history. DO NOT PROCEED if you have any unresolved issues or questions related to your subscription, company information, or payments.

Was Raklet not what you were looking for? Let us know!

We are working really hard to make Raklet one of the world's leading membership, messaging, and payment platforms and your feedback is really appreciated! Reach us from the chat bubble below or email [email protected].

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