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How to Cancel Your Raklet Subscription?
How to Cancel Your Raklet Subscription?

If you're wondering how to cancel your Raklet subscription, check out our article. It's quick and easy, with no undertaking.

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You can cancel your subscription whenever you want, and you'll not be charged going forward. We advise you to get all the export reports you need (such as payments, reminders, list of contacts, etc.) before you take any action.

Cancellation Process

From your Admin Panel, you can go to the Billing section, and you can terminate your subscription whenever you want by downgrading your account. Deactivation or disablement will occur as a result of such a deletion operation. We don’t have an undertaking.

Refund Process

If you have already paid the amount annually/monthly, we have to provide you with the service for the remainder of the year/month that you have paid for. You will not receive any refund for the billing period in which you are charged.

Cancelling the Trial

If you are on a trial period, you will need to cancel it before the trial is finished. Otherwise, once the trial period ends, you will be charged automatically and there will be no refunds.

Note: If there are any exceptions where we can provide a refund, please keep in mind that the transaction fees will be extracted from the total amount.

What's Next After Cancellation?

After your subscription is canceled, we advise you to remove any scheduled payments you have in your account so that your members will not be charged automatically in the future. You can also remove all your contacts. Then you can reach out to us if you completely want to delete your account.

You can review our Terms of Use and downgrading article for more details.

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