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How to Downgrade Your Account?
How to Downgrade Your Account?

If you decide to downgrade your plan, we are sad about you leaving us, but it is easy to downgrade to free on Raklet.

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Organize Your Account

If you want to downgrade your account from a paid plan to another paid plan, for example from a Premium plan to an Essentials plan, you need to adjust your feature usage accordingly.

Make sure the below items you have on the account are no more than in the plan you want to downgrade to.

Hit the Limitations

If you are getting a system message like "You've already reached Custom Fields limits of this plan. Please select a higher plan" it means you need to decrease the number of custom fields in order to downgrade. It is the same as any other feature. You will only be able to downgrade when you hit the limitations on the lower plan you want to downgrade to.

Also, please remember that if you are downgrading from the Premium plan, you cannot keep using your custom domain name, integrations, and API access.

After you make sure everything is set, all you need to do is click on the plan you want to downgrade to from the admin panel > billing and your account will be downgraded at the end of your current period.

How to Downgrade to a Free Plan?

To downgrade your account to a free plan you cannot have more than:

  • 1 admin

  • 50 contacts

  • 1 custom field

  • 1 bank account

To remove fields, go to your admin panel and click on your profile. Then, click on Settings.

Click on Fields to archive the custom fields.

This way, you can archive and update your custom fields.

Please remember that you have to make sure that cancel all of the ongoing and recurring payments. After completing these steps above, now you can downgrade to free.

After you make sure your account is ready to be downgraded, follow the steps below:

Go to your admin panel.

Click on your profile picture in the lower-left corner and click on billing.

Click on the “Update” button below the Free Plan.

You’ve successfully downgraded your plan to Free. Please note that you will not receive any refund for the billing period in which you are charged.

If you decide to upgrade your plan again you can visit the billing page and hit the upgrade button of any plan of your choice.

Was Raklet not what you were looking for? Did you have a problem? Let us know!

We are working hard to make Raklet one of the world's leading membership, messaging, and payment platforms, and your feedback is appreciated!

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