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How to Import Corporate Members and Corporate Sub Members on Raklet?
How to Import Corporate Members and Corporate Sub Members on Raklet?

You can keep track of corporate members in your Raklet account, create subcategories and more.

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In addition to your individual members, you can keep the records of your corporate members in your Raklet account. These corporate members can be your sponsors, your members as a whole company, etc. You can also import your corporate sub-members to see who is responsible for each corporate member.

If you arrange your existing data according to the proper Excel format, you can easily import your contacts in two stages. 

Here is a short video on how to import corporate members and sub-members:

Data Import Template

Let’s start by importing our corporate members. You can see the data import template for corporate members below. CorporateMemberNo is important here for importing corporate sub-members at the second stage. The type column is important to indicate that they are corporate members.

Import Corporate Members First

After you design your data according to our corporate members' Excel sheet, you can easily import it. Go to Contacts, and click the Import Contacts button.

Copy-paste your Excel sheet of your corporate members and then name the related columns. Choose Member No for your Corporate Member No column. And add the Membership Type column as CorporateMember.

  • Don’t forget to select other columns such as name, surname, and e-mail address.

Organize Corporate Sub-Members

After completing this step, we need to add the corporate sub-members. We need another Excel sheet completed properly. You can see the template below.

Repeat the steps above to import your new list. Copy-paste your list but while selecting the columns, select your Corporate MemberNo column as Corporate MemberNo this time. And Member No of your sub-members as Member no. Don’t forget to select the Membership Type column as CorporateSubMember as well.

After having completed this two-stage, you can easily filter your corporate and sub-members in the Contacts section.

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