Getting Started

Learn how to use Raklet. Setup your account, choose apps and integrations, customize your account to match your branding.

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Here you can find about more about our Contacts module. For example how to delete a member, how to export your contacts from your Raklet account.

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Find out the Membership module here. For example, how to set up membership plans, how to create application forms..

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Find out Events module here. For example, how to create events, how to use at the Door Module.

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Find how to use Fundraising Module from here.

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Social Network

Find out how Social Network works here.

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Email/Messages & SMS

Find out how E-mail&SMS works from here.

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Job Board

Find out how to use Job Board.

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Payments & Billing

Find about payments here. For example, which payment gateways are supported on Raklet and requirements.

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Find out how to create reports in Raklet.

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Find out how integrations work in Raklet.

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Apprenez comment utiliser Raklet. Créez votre compte, choisissez des applications et des intégrations, personalisez votre compte en fonction de votre image de marque.

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Raklet'i nasıl kullanacağınızı öğrenin. Hesabınızı kurun, uygulamalar ve entegrasyonlar seçin, markanıza göre hesabınızı özelleştirin.

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Discover the settings to manage everything.

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You can find information on how to log in to the platform.

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