After having imported your contacts into your Raklet account, you may want to make changes en masse. You can update the profiles of your contacts one by one, but you have a more practical way.

All you need is the Raklet ID number of your contacts. You will see this information in each of your export files as the identifier. 

1. Let’s suppose that you have a tag as “Example tag” and you have made some mistakes in the data of your contacts in this tag. The first thing we do is to export this tag.

To export your tag, click your email address at the lower left corner and then Settings. You are on the page where you can see all your categorization in your account via tags or lists. Find the tag that you want to update, then click "See Contacts."

Go to settings.
Click Tags, and then See Contacts of the corresponding tag.

Click More, and then Export to make necessary changes in your Excel list.

Click More, and then Export.

 2. We can re-import our list after having made necessary changes in our excel file.

Click Tags again and Import Contacts of the corresponding tag.

3. If we identify Raklet ID column while selecting our columns, the existing data of our contacts will be updated automatically without being imported twice. 

Import from File either through .csv .txt files or through copy paste.

If your contacts have a member no, you can do the same action with the member no instead of Raklet Id.

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