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How to Use Directory App?
How to Use Directory App?

The new directory app helps you create groups by certain aspects and filter members you want to connect with.

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Our new Directory app allows you to create groups on the front end by certain aspects you have on the contact database. By choosing certain fields, you can create groups on the front end similar to segments in the contact database. You can also choose which filters can be used to find members within the directory.

Enable the Directory App

Enable the app from the admin panel > App Store.

Create a New Directory

Go to the Directory module and click on New Directory to create all the details.

Your directory's name will be your URL, so you may want to choose the name of your directory wisely.

Then you can add filters from the Contacts section to specify your directory contact database.

Finally, from Filters, you can decide which search fields you'd like to provide for your directory.

Do not forget to save the field after choosing it by clicking on Done. You can also choose "and" or "or" connectives between the filters.

Navigate to Directory

Go to the settings > navigation and add this directory as a new menu.

Your directory is ready to use!

Need an example? Take a look at the example to get inspired:

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